Focus on Investment Research in Passionate Summer: SIG Successfully Holds Investment & Research Capacity Improvement Training

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To further strengthen the building of the investment and research capacity of the system of Shanghai International Group (SIG), and improve the professional level of SIG's investment and strategic research teams, SIG organized the "Training on Investment and Research Capacity Improvement" from May to July. Over 120 cadres and staff members from SIG's headquarters, subsidiaries, sector of industrial fund company investment management and sector of strategic research participated in the training.

The training included six lectures. The chief economists and chief analysts of CITIC Securities and Shenwan Hongyuan Securities, heads of research institutes, as well as other industrial experts and elitists were invited to give lectures in key investment and research sectors such as ideas of macroeconomic research, frameworks of strategy research, fintech industry research, financial industry analysis, industrial research systems and basic methods of corporate research. Based on their years of investment experience and typical cases accumulated, they interpreted industrial trends, systematically organized the logic framework and strategy system of investment and research, and had in-depth, targeted discussions about trainees' concerns including the allocation of strategic assets, fintech investment, insurance industry research and enterprise valuation analysis, to further consolidate training results.

Through the training, SIG's investment and research team established a virtuous interaction and exchange mechanism, all trainees acquired a deeper understanding of macroeconomic situation judgment, fundamental industrial analysis, as well as investment ideas and research methods of specific target projects. The training was conducive to the building of SIG's investment and research integration system, helped SIG's investment and research team further focus on the primary business: financial investment and improve its capacity for financial investment management, and laid a solid foundation for SIG to pay special attention to emerging financial fields and enhance its fintech research layout at the next stage.




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