SHSASAC Deputy Director Ye Jinsong Visits SIG's Retired Veteran Cadre

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On August 7, a four-member team led by Ye Jinsong, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SHSASAC) and Zhang Fujun, Chief of the Division of Financial Enterprise Evaluation, SHSASAC visited Zhang Xiaojun, the retired cadre of SIG, to convey the warm and care of the Party organization in the blistering summer.     

During the visit, Ye inquired about Zhang's health conditions, thanked him for his contributions to the reform, opening-up and economic and social development of Shanghai, and wished him good health and all the best. Chen Zhenpeng accompanied Ye for the visit.      

Based on SIG's recent work, including soliciting opinions on education themed "Staying true to the mission" and "delivering cool" against high temperature, the Party Committee Organization Department of SIG visited SIG's retried veteran cadres, conveying the warmth and comfort of the Party organization in time.

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