Recognize Situation, Identity Task, Make Party Self-discipline always on the way

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According to the arrangement for education themed "Staying true to the mission", on the morning of July 24, Shanghai International Group (SIG) organized a workshop of the CPC Center Group, inviting Prof. Wu Haihong from the Party School of Shanghai Committee of C.P.C to give a lecture titled "Current Situation and Task of Party Conduct and Integrity Building ". Fu Fan, Vice Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and President of SIG, hosted the lecture. SIG's Party leaders, executives of the CPC SIG Committee and all Party members of SIG were present.
From the perspectives of advancing Party Conduct and Integrity building to strengthen Party self-discipline, the key task at present and the countermeasures against power corruption, through data and case analysis, Wu gave a lively lecture on Party style building.
Following the lecture, SIG's Party leaders and heads of SIG's headquarters departments exchanged ideas on how to further strengthen the Party style building of the SIG, seriously implement the mechanism of "four-responsibility coordination" and strictly implement the eight regulations of the CPC Central Committee. Through the lecture, the attendees deeply recognized the current situation and task of Party style building, realizing that they should focus on the goal of comprehensively strengthening Party self-discipline, strengthen Party style building throughout the reform and development of SIG, advance Party style building and business management synchronously, and practically ensure the high-quality development of SIG and the cleanness of cadres and staff.





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